Gimme some more
I love my fans, gotta make 'em dance
Would I ever make a whack joint? (Not a chance)
All my male friends call me M&M
Cause my pussy melt in your mouth and not in your hands
Just a bad girl always rockin' dimes
With the see-who's-stockin' skaters with the Lizzy's
Purpose with the deadbeats
Usually spotted by my Goldilocks
While birds movin' flocks, I'm movin' drops
Cop the Ferrari when I'm roomin' the range
Two of the same, it ain't a thang, pocket the change
Now I'm just doin' my thing enjoyin' the fame
Why not ain't no other bitches hot in the game

1 - Nobody do it better than us
Nobody do it better than us
Nobody do it better than us
Nobody do it better than us

Nobody do it better than us
Nobody do it better than us

Lil' Kim
Lil' Kim, yeah everybody knows me
In a class by myself, never where the ho's be
I just avoid where all my foes be
Cause God damn muthafuckas is nosey
Wanna know what I'm wearing? What I'm drivin'? What I'm doin'?
Where I hang out at? Who the fuck I'm screwin'
Damn I move way out to the boondocks
So I can have a little bit of privacy
You bought a tiny ass condo
Way across the water with a telescope
So you can spy on me
You clowns belong in the circus
Steady tryin' to hurt us
Tell me what's the purpose
They say I'm prejudice, the only presidents that I fuck with
Is the ones that's dead, like the big heads
Never stingy with my Benji's
Got enough dough to buy the West Indies
Invest in Fendi's, own Laurendi's
Start my own doll like Mark & Mindy's
Free all my niggas from the penitentiary
And keep puttin' out records till the turn of the century

Repeat 1

Uh uh, hold up, wait, hold up, wait a minute

Lil' Kim
You got a 5 and I got a 6
Back it up!
What's wrong with this picture?
Nigga pack it up!
I need a 6 figga nigga (uh huh)
Yours is big but mines is bigger
Cause the Benji's is what it's all about
Do my ladies know what I'm talkin' about
If my shoes cost more than your car
Hah, don't expect to get far
You the kinda nigga that like to plot
Call your friends, tell 'em that you hit the jackpot
I keep razors in my bras, for all you womanizers
That's how much I despise it's up
I don't get it I ain't wit it
Can't see how other woman did it
Niggas screamin' gimme, can't get a penny
Yeah I got plenty
But you ain't got any?
Now picture me takin' my hard earned money
Throwin' it away by spendin' it on a dummy
All he gon' do is spend it on another honey
I say let the nigga stay bummy
I don't need a nigga I jerks it out
Take it old school and smurf it out
Give me a B and I'll murk it out
Niggas know QB gon' work it out!

Repeat 1

Nobody do it better than us
Nobody do it better than us

Puffy (Lil' Kim)
(Can't nobody do it better to you than us)
As we proceed to give you what you need
(Can't nobody do it better to you than us)
In 2000 baby
(Can't nobody do it better to you than us)
And we rock on and on
All hail the Queen
(Can't nobody do it better to you than us)
All hail the King
B.I.G forever and we won't stop
Lil' Ceasar
Brizz, Lil'
C-Gutta, Money L
Trife, nigga Blake C"> I like your music. ReplyAll took me here. http://arribesdelduero.net/easy-listening/mp3-58310-nobody-do-it-better-remix.html?488
6 / 10

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